Thursday, June 05, 2008

Update on Elizabeth

Good morning all,

My daughter's surgery yesterday went well. The Dr. came and said that the thinks that the surgery well be more effective than he had planned and that (after the left foot is done in December) she will be better than new.

The biggest issue now is pain managment and comfort. Please continue to pray for Elizabeth's recovery and that she be kept comfortable and pray for her mother and I, that we will be given the patience and grace to care for her and bring her to complete healing.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Phil Snyder


Robert said...

Glad to hear the good news about the surgery! :) Hope the pain becomes more manageable with time. I am continuing to remember Elizabeth in my prayers for complete healing and relief from pain.

Jill C. said...

Thanks for the update, Phil. :)

Lynn said...

Phil, I am so pleased to hear the results look better than expected. Many were praying for all of you over at Camp Liberal, so I'll pass this information along over there.

On a side note - when I was about 14 the surgeons took quite a slice in my upper leg to surgically repair a fractured femur. Looking back, the bad pain didn't last all that long, and as soon as it backed off I asked for non-prescription pain killers and they did a decent job. Everything really does heal faster when you are younger, since the body is in growth mode anyway. It will seem like the pain will last forever, and then - one day, she will notice it has become bearable, and will wonder when all that started. That would be about the time you and your wife will relax!

I might also suggest you discourage her from playing games like Twister before she is completely healed? And why do I mention that, you wonder?

plsdeacon said...

Thanks Robert, Jill, and Lynn.

Lynn, our parish is having a kickball game on Sunday against another parish. It will be a fund raiser for our joint mission trip to Uganda. I think that, with the cast, Elizabeth will be a star kicker - so long as she can get someone else to run for her. :)

Seriously, I appreciate your prayers and your sharing your experience with pain and its reduction.

Phil Snyder

David Mossbarger said...

Thanks to you, Beverly, Joseph and the docs for taking such good care of my niece!

Lynn said...

Phil - the 14-yo girl in me would like to ask a favor of you. Please tell Elizabeth two things: 1) The scars really will fade to the point that no one will notice them if they aren't trying to find them. And 2) the scars are unimportant, because the beauty of a woman does not rest with her appearance.

No doubt you have, or will being saying those things to her. But now, you can say you have it on "good authority."