Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Bit Slow

I realize that my posting here has been a bit slow. First, I'm teaching a class at my parish on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. (who's actual name was Inigo - I can imagine him speaking to the demons: "I am Inigo Loyola. You killed my father's soul. Prepare to die!")

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to prepare a memorial service and sermon for a coworker. On top of all this, my sister came to visit over the weekend and I had to spend time with her.

Finally work has stepped up. I'm travelling to Tampa FL this week and next to help a customer with a programming issue. If anyone in the Tampa area is interested in getting together, either leave a comment (with an email address) or email me at Philip_L_Snyder atsign yahoo dot com.

I will try to continue my posts on the Baptismal Covenant on the plane today and post it tonight to the blog.

Phil Snyder

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Jill C. said...

Phil, not to worry. There are some perfectly legit bloggers who post once a week or less. It's your blog. Do it your way! :)