Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Morning Joke Time

Time to lighten things up a bit.

Q: How do you make holy water?
A: You put it in a pan and boil the hell out of it!

A man dies and got to heaven. Peter meets him at the gate and offers to show him aroung. Peter opens the door to a large room and there are a bunch of people drinking and dancing and having a good time.

"Who are they?" the man asks.
"They are the Southern Baptists. They refrained from drinking and dancing on earth and now they are having fun here."

In the next room are a bunch of people in serene prayer. There is beautiful chanting going on in the background and you can feel the peace like a physical force.

"Who are these people?" the man asks.
"These are the Episcopalians and Roman Catholics. They partied hard on earth and get to enjoy some peace and quiet here.

The last room is empty except for an old man sitting in a rocking chair with a quilt on his lap.

"Who is he? Is it????" the man asks.
Peter quietly rushes the man out of the room and says: "No. That's not Him. That's John from the Church of Christ. He thinks he's the only one up here."

Phil Snyder

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