Monday, June 09, 2008

More Humor

I heard this joke from a Rabbi (whose name I forget) on the way into work this morning.

In eastern Europe, there were many small Jewish communities scattered among the villages. It was the task of the matchmakers to arrange weddings between boys of one village and girls of another village. One of the matchmakers arranges matches between two boys of a village and two girls of a different village, but during the train ride, one of the boys got cold feet and returned home.

When the boy arrived at the village, there were two mothers fighting over whose daughter would marry this boy. They couldn't solve the problem, so they asked the Rabbi,

"Well," said the Rabbi "I can think of only one similar situation in the sacred writings. There is a story where two women claim the same baby and Solomon decides to cut the baby in two and give one half to each of the mothers. I propose we do the same with this boy."

The first woman is shocked and horrified by this solution and says: "That's barbaric and horrible and I will have no part of it."

The second woman says that this is a fair solution and that they should divide the boy.

The rabbi looks at the second woman and shakes his finger at her: "You.... You... You have the soul of a true mother in law."

Phil Snyder

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