Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update on Leila - Praise and thanksgiving

Thank you all for your continued prayers for my family and for my two year old grand-niece, Liela. At my last report, Leila was still in the hospital and she had been diagnosed as brain dead.

Well, she started to breath on her own and the hospital eventually sent her home under hospice care so she could die.

But my sister in law kept noticing things that Leila was not supposed to be able to do - such as reacting to outside stimuli or focusing her eyes. She mentioned this to the hospice people and they (of course) thought that Elaine was imagining things as this is not uncommon.

But then they started to notice Leila reacting too. "This isn't possible" they thought. But she was reacting more and more. So, the scheduled an evaluation with yet another group that specialized in retraining childrens' brains after serious injury.

They came and evaluated Leila and determined that, while there is brain damage, Leila is actually in a coma and is not brain dead. There are things they can do to help her - especially after she comes out of the coma!

We serve an awesome God! I know that sounds cliched, but I can't think of a better way to say it. Please continue to pray that God will bring Leila to the fullness of life and continue to heal her.

Phil Snyder


SometimesWise said...

His mercy endures from generation to generation. Good news, and continued prayers heading your way.

Jim said...

As a frequent reader who has never replied, I must now do so. God's mercy is infinite and He has acted for Leila. Praise to Him from Whom all blessings flow.

Lay Jim