Friday, June 26, 2009

A Good Job for the Vergers Among Us

Over at Scott Gunn's Blog, I saw the video below:

I think that we could assign the task of policing cell phone usage to our vergers. Their verges could make wonderful instruments of correction!

What do you think?

Phil Snyder


Bryan Owen said...

Fantastic video! And I totally agree: let the vergers take care of this. They've got those sticks for a reason.

The Underground Pewster said...

Love it!

Robert said...

LOL! Funny! It is easy to forget though to turn off the cell, the service was about to begin this Sunday and I suddenly remembered, "oh heck my cell is on!!!" and turned it off. Haven't had it ring yet during service, that would be way embarrassing.

On a different subject, what do you think of TEC General Convention this summer? The prospect is a little scary I think. There is no telling what little ticking timebombs are hidden in the 350+ resolutions. I started to read them and finally gave up.

Andy said...

Phil this video is absolutely the end! Its especially timely as Sunday, a vestery member's phone went off in the middle of our Priest's sermon.