Monday, April 27, 2009


This afternoon, my family was hit with a tragedy.

Elaine, my sister-in-law (my wife's brother's wife) lost her daughter, Melissa, in a tragic car accident. Three years and two weeks ago, Elaine lost her son in another car accident.

On top of losing her two children to tragic accidents, her grand daughter, Leila (age 2), was seriously injured in the accident. She has massive head trauma and her brain is swelling. Also, the neurologist said that Leila's CT Scan showed a brain suffering from oxygen deprivation, so it is likely that Leila will not recover fully even if she survives the brain trauma. That way that the doctor talked, it seems likely that Leila will also die as a result of the accident.

Please pray for Leila - that God would work a miracle and bring healing and health to her.
Please pray for Jesus, Leila's father who just lost his wife and is looking at losing is baby girl.
Please pray for Andrew (age 5), Leila's brother, who was also injured in the accident but is not facing life threatening injuries - just broken bones and those heal.
Please pray for Elaine and John (Elaine's husband) as they face this tragedy together.
Please keep the entire Snyder, Poindexter, and Juarez families in your prayer for the next several days. I will send an update when I have more information.

Phil Snyder

Update - 4/28/2009 - I spoke with the family earlier today. Leila's prognosis is unchanged, but she is showing some responsiveness and they've reduced the pressure inside her skull. Andrew had a bit of a rough night as the pain meds wore off. They are trying to get him scheduled for surgery to set his bones today, but that my not work out. Please continue your prayers. - pls.

Update #2 - 4/28/2009 - I just spoke with my wife who is at the hospital with her family. Andrew had surgery today to set his legs and (I assume) his pelvis. The surgery went well and they are managing his pain. Please continue to pray for Andrew's recovery along with a miracle for Leila. - pls


Athanasius said...


Ardent prayers ascending for all concerned. Christe eleison!

kisers said...

Melissa is sadly missed, PLEASE continue to pray for Leila, and for Andrew's quick recovery, Our family is obviously devastated, pray for their strength and faith in god.

The Underground Pewster said...

May the Lord be beside you and your family and be your rock and shelter.

TLF+ said...

Will be praying for all those needs at the altar tomorrow (Wed.) during our midweek Holy Communion.

plsdeacon said...

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray that God would heal Leila and bring her home save and well to her family.

Phil Snyder