Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prayer Request

My life has been more full than normal.

I am in the midst of a major project at work that is consuming my nights and weekends. The last several weeks have been spent thusly:

1. March 29 - 2 mock go-lives run. Kairos team meeting all day Saturday, another mock go live over the weekend.

2. April 5 - Holy week. I spent the afternoon at work. We had a Mass of Colegiality and Renewal of Vows on Tuesday, a Seder at Church on Wednesday, Maundy Thursday (I preached), Good Friday, and the Great Vigil. Saturday was spent catching up on all the work I could not get done on the Wednesday or Thursday evening or when I was preparing my Thursday Sermon and my Kairos Talk.

3. April 12 - Easter Week. I went straight from Holy Week/Easter Day to Kairos on Wednesday afternoon thru the following Sunday. I had to solve a work problem via the phone on Thursday.

4. April 19 - This is go-live week. I've spent every night in front of the computer trying to solve last minute problems. I will miss the Kairos followup this weekend because of go-live.

5. Next week will be post go-live support.

When this project is over, I am going to have a nervous breakdown. I've worked for it. I've earned it. And no one will deprive me of it. :)

Please pray that I will be given the strength and wisdom to complete the tasks assigned to me.

Please pray that my team and customer have a successful upgrade and conversion and that their new system provides what they need to effectively and efficiently run their business.

Also, please pray for the Kairos family of St. John at Coffield as they meet this weekend. Pray that they will continue to be overwhelmed by God's agape love and that those who did not make a decision to follow Jesus will do so.

Phil Snyder


ErikC said...


You have the prayers of Wanda and I. If you could keep Wanda in your prayers for us? She has been diagnosed with melanoma(skin cancer). Also, I've been going through getting my Bachelor's in Theology here at the University of St. Thomas here in Houston. this semester has been rough. I just need diligence to finish this semester, and the funds to go to classes this summer... God bless you, brother!!!

Erik Cowand

Andy said...

You've been in my prayers in a de facto sense as I lift up the "faithful Bishops, Priests, and Deacons" daily. I'd be happy to call you out by name.
Too, I'd ask your prayers as I'm on the verge of ordination to the vocational deaconate within Cana.