Friday, May 23, 2008

Personal Prayer Request

Please keep my daughter, Elizabeth, in your prayers. She is having surgery on one of her feet and ankles on June 4th. She has a problem in that she cannot bend her ankle past 90% and her ankle does not line up over her heel. The doctor will break her heel and realign her ankle and stretch her achilles tendon so that she can walk comfortably. One foot will be done on June 4th and the other will be done in December.

Please pray that Elizabeth will have quick and complete healing and that she be given the courage to face the pain and discomfort of the surgery and recovery. Pray for the doctors and nurses and the medical team that cares for her - that they will be God's healing hand on her and please pray for my wife, Beverly, my son, Joseph, and myself as we care for her after the surgery - that we be given patience to help her.

Phil Snyder


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Elizabeth, Phil. Having my own experience (polio) with physical therapy, etc., as a child, I can imagine how it will be, but I remember, too, how quickly (if grudgingly), I adapted. May God strengthen her and heal her and comfort you all.

plsdeacon said...

Thank you, oscewicee.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for your daughter, and for you, (((Phil.))


plsdeacon said...

Thank you Grace.

I appreciate your prayers.


Robert said...

Prayers for Elizabeth and your family, Phil. The procedure sounds pretty painful, I feel for her.

I also put her into the prayer requests section of my blog. Please pray for the people we have there.

TLF+ said...

Quick one between services... Elizabeth is being remembered at the altar this morning.

BabyBlue said...

Remembering Elizabeth in my prayers. And your family too.


Jill C. said...

So how did things go? Hopefully Elizabeth is resting comfortably and cooperating with medical care. Let us know, Phil. I'll continue to pray for her recovery.