Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is just sad

I recently spent almost two weeks in London. (I love frequent flyer miles and hotel points - the flight and hotels nights were almost free. We had to pay taxes on the flights, but $400 for four people to fly business class ain't bad!)

On Saturday, June 3rd, we went to Cantebury (which was fantastic! Just to pray in a place where prayer had been offered daily for over 1400 years was wonderful!)

One funny thing happened when we got the Cantebury gate. Right next to the gate is a famous temple of the god of Commerce (not that god, the other one.)

See the image above (I hope).

Phil Snyder


plsdeacon said...
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Anonymous said...

When my husband and I were pulling into Skagway, Alaska on a cruies, we spied what we thought was a clock tower and deciced to hone in on it to re-set our watches. Can you imagine our dismay when we realized it was yet another STARBUCKS!! We do NOT drink coffee and always joke about how many Starbucks there are on a NY block! ( We live in NYC)...Can they just wait a minute for the caffine fix?
Geri Swanson, Deacon NYC

Jim said...


Phil, I have a blog too, as you asked elsewhere about contact data. should get you there.


Mark said...

Brings back memories. I've stayed in the Cathedral Gate Hotel.

The irony of your photo is that the Diocese of Canterbury owns the property around the gate. Yes, the Church rents that space to Starbucks.