Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My First Post

I am Phil Snyder, a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. My interests include Theology and Apologetics, Prison Ministry, History, the Military (I'm an Air Force Brat), and politics (a word derived from "poly" meaning many and "tic" a blood sucking insect, thus many blood sucking insects).

Theologically, I consider myself to be a classic "reasserter" or conservative. I do not believe that the Church has the authority to change the revealed moral law. I accept the ordination of women as presbyters and bishops in the Church, but I believe that all who are ordained have an obligation to teach what the Chuch teaches (and has almost always taught) on matters theological and moral.

Politically, I am a social and fiscal conservative. I believe in helping the poor, the sick, the homeless, and those in prison, but I also believe that the Federal Government is a bad way to accomplish this. Helping the "least of these" is not a goal in itself, but a by product of a society that accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

That's enough for a first post. May God bless you all

Phil Snyder


Anonymous said...

Phil, glad to see your blog is up and running. I got the addy over at T19.

There's something wrong isn't there, about a Starbucks in that old building.

Philip G

Andy Terry said...

Phillip, Three Cheers and a cold Guinnes for you Sir! I've been impressed with your insights in the Anglodeacons group and I'm looking forward to seeing your sound insights on this blog.

Andy Terry
Postulant, Virginia