Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kudos to a Company

As part of our Christmas this year, my wife and I purchased a new computer for the family (primarily her and me). We are now going to let the kids use our four year old computer for their school and play. As part of this, we needed to get a new computer desk. We found this computer tower at Frys Electronics

(my favorite "toy" store. Well, during assembly, the bottom shelf broke. So I went to the company's website and ordered another part, expecting to pay shipping and for the part.

I called the company today to check on the status of my order and found that they shipped Monday (after taking off between Christmas and New Year) and that there is no charge for either the part of the shipping. If you need a computer desk or other "put it together yourself" furniture, I recommend Sauder (the parent company) or Studio RTA.

We like to complain about bad service and companies taking advantage of their customers. Once in a while, someone gets it right and I think they should be rewarded when they do!


Phil Snyder

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Robert said...

It's one of my favorite toy stores too. :) I just bought a 22" monitor there yesterday. I will probably build my next computer though from parts from online stores.

I questioned for a long time whether I really should buy a 22" when my 17" worked just fine - whether there was a more worthwhile use for $250 than a big monitor, but I figured that my computer is my most important tool and I need good tools. :)