Friday, July 14, 2006

A Day of Prayer and Fasting

I read on TitusOneNine that the bishops of California, Los Angeles, and San Diego are preparing a presentment against Bishop Schofield of San Joaquin. Why I don't know. He has not left the doctrine of the Church nor the discipline of the Church. Bishop Schofield is not in the best of health. +CA, & +LA are clear that this is about property. So much for "inclusion" and "unconditional love."

I came to know Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord in Camp San Joaquin in the summer of 1978. I had been a member of the Church all my life, but I finally understood what it is to love and be loved by God there, on the mountain and beside a mountian stream. (But that is another post.)

I love that diocese and will do all I can to support it in this fight.

I call for a day of prayer and fasting on Monday, July 17. I will spend the day drinking only water and will spend the time I would normally spend eating in prayer for the Diocese of San Joaquin, Bishop Schofield, the Network and Windsor bishops, the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

May God's power be given to Bishop Schofield as he fights to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Bishop, you have served Jesus Christ faithfully and he will be faithful to you. Trust his promise to be with you and tell you what to say when you are brought forth on this matter.

Phil Snyder


Anonymous said...

Phil: I have always looked forward to your comments on T19, and am pleased to see your blog now. Today I fasted and prayed for our Church, esp. Bishop S and his diocese. Thank you for suggesting the day of fasting and prayer.

Milton Finch said...

I am still doing what you ask. Peace!

ErikC said...

Phil, when I saw what you posted on T19, I was impressed(though I really shouldn't have been, knowing you personally as you went through the Diaconate process while at St. James!). My wife, Wanda and I are with you in prayer regarding Bishop +Schofield.

plsdeacon said...


It'g good to hear from you again! Tell Wanda we said "hi!"

Phil Snyder